Do you need a custom solution?

Agroplanning is a solution designed to monitor, measure, and analyze the activity of your agricultural machinery.

Our goal is to help you digitize your operation, using your vehicle data to save fuel and maintenance costs, achieving more efficient fleet management and increased productivity.

Choose a combination of sensors.

Customize to fit your needs.

Tell us your needs, and we will create a series of sensors tailored to meet your objectives.

No matter the type of vehicle or the type of operation.

Agroplanning API. Connected machinery

White-label Platform:

Creation of a platform tailored to your brand

In “My Agroplanning,” we not only offer a powerful agronomic management platform but also provide you the opportunity to boost your brand with our white-label solution.

Advantages of the White-label Platform:

Unique Brand Identity: Strengthen your brand identity by offering an agronomic management solution that reflects your values and style.

Enhanced Credibility: Leverage the reputation of My Agroplanning to build trust among your users, supporting your platform with proven and industry-leading technology.

Total Flexibility: Adapt the platform to the specific needs of your audience and sector. From precision agriculture to crop management, flexibility is in your hands.

Connect to our API.

My Agroplanning

API to connect your machinery

At Agroplanning, we understand that agronomic efficiency goes beyond borders. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our robust API, designed to facilitate seamless integration between your Resource Planning (RP) system and our leading agronomic management platform.


Agroplanning API. Connected machinery

Why Integrate?:

Integrating your resource planning system with My Agroplanning is the key to unlocking a new level of efficiency and informed decision-making in agriculture. Access real-time data, optimize processes, and ensure strategic planning based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Key Features of the API:

  • Real-time Data Transmission:Keep your data always synchronized. Our API allows the instant transmission of relevant information between your RP and My Agroplanning, eliminating the need for manual updates and ensuring data accuracy.
  • Intuitive Interface: Our API seamlessly integrates with your existing system, using an intuitive interface that makes setup and management easy. Hassle-free, no problems.
  • Data Security: Security is our priority. My Agroplanning API uses advanced protocols to ensure complete protection of your data, maintaining confidentiality and integrity at all times.

Benefits for your ERP:

  • Resource Optimization: Maximize the efficiency of your resources by having direct access to updated information about the management of your vehicles.
  • Informed Decision-making: Base your decisions on real-time data about the status of your fleet, task status, and other crucial parameters.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Provide your users with a seamless experience by incorporating the powerful capabilities of My Agroplanning directly into your application.

Start Today: Integration is simple. Contact our technical support team to get the API documentation and start maximizing My Agroplanning in your resource planning system.

With My Agroplanning API, you’re one step closer to connected, smart, and efficient agriculture.


Welcome to the future of integrated agronomic management!

Need an ISOBUS solution?

Need an ISOBUS solution?

Having a tractor from one brand and implements from another is not uncommon. Addons are the devices you connect to your machinery. Before the ISOBUS standard, implements were operated using their own terminal (screen), and having multiple implements meant having multiple terminals in the tractor’s cabin.

The ISOBUS standard brings many benefits. Tractors and implements are compatible with “Plug and Play” functionality.

All implement operations can be controlled through a single terminal, meaning less wiring and better visibility in the tractor cabin. Standardized cables and connectors reduce costs and simplify things.

All Epec ISOBUS controllers can be used in agricultural implements as standalone units or as gateway units between ISOBUS and another CAN network.