Discover the Keys to Innovation with Our 5 Powerful APIs!

Welcome to Agroplanning, where innovation is just around every API corner. On our platform, we introduce five powerful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) designed to catalyze the success of your development projects.

Our APIs



Our Authentication API offers a robust authorization system using JSON Web Tokens (JWT). This service provides an essential security layer for your applications, allowing you to efficiently and securely manage user authentication. With our JWT token system, we ensure the integrity of information and the authenticity of users, giving you the peace of mind to focus on developing your core functions. Simplify the authentication process with the API and offer your users a secure and hassle-free experience.

Agricultural Resource Management

Our API specialized in retrieving farms and plots provides you with easy and efficient access to essential information associated with each user. With a user-centric approach, this API allows you to quickly and accurately retrieve the ID and name of farms and plots linked to a specific user. et_pb_text: content

Key Features:

Farm and Plot Data Retrieval: Obtain detailed information about farms and plots associated with each user, facilitating the management and visualization of agricultural information.

List of Agricultural Resources: Access a complete list of resources, including irrigation machines and applicators, with key details such as IDs and names. et_pb_text: content This optimizes the planning and control of resources in your agricultural operations.

Management of Parameters, Lists, and Products (Profiles)

The Profiles API is the key to efficient and detailed management of essential variables in your agricultural operations. With a focus on versatility, this API allows you to access and manipulate various aspects crucial to your daily tasks.

Key Features:

Parameters | Parameter Dictionary:

Access a detailed parameter dictionary, providing essential information such as names, units, and scales of variables measured in your machines. This facilitates a deep understanding of collected data.

Operation: “Get equipment parameters”

Lists | User List Retrieval:

Get complete user lists, including details of objects used in specific tasks. From product manufacturers to task statuses and types, this functionality gives you a complete view of relevant elements.

Operation: “Get all lists”

Products | User Product Retrieval:

Access detailed information about products associated with the user, providing a clear view of resources available in your agricultural operations.

Operation: “Get products”

Units | Retrieval of Units Used in Products:

Explore the units used in user products. This feature facilitates consistency in measurements and enhances understanding of quantities associated with your resources.

Operation: “Get units”


The Notifications API is your direct bridge to real-time communication in your agricultural operations. Designed to keep users informed instantly, this API offers key functionalities for proactive management.


Tasks-Reports API

The Tasks-Reports API is the cornerstone for efficient management of your agricultural projects. This comprehensive tool facilitates planning, tracking, and report generation to optimize your operational processes.

Highlighted Features:

Task Management:

Efficiently create, assign, and monitor agricultural tasks. Organize your work with a clear view of pending, in-progress, and completed tasks.

Detailed Logging:

Track detailed information for each task, including start and end dates, assigned personnel, and resources used. This provides a complete overview of your operations’ progress.
Automated Report Generation:

Simplify the report generation process with automated functions. Extract relevant data from your tasks to create detailed and customizable reports.
Integration with Notifications:

Sync the Tasks-Reports API with the Notifications API to receive instant alerts about changes in task status and important reminders.

Activity History:

Access a complete history of activities related to tasks. This facilitates review and retrospective analysis for continuous improvement.