Solutions for Your Digital Smart Farm

Agroplanning is your digital partner for a more efficient, productive and reliable agriculture, through the most advanced fleet management, crop monitoring and other real-time information.

Complete solution for
your own field data

Advanced Ag-Fleet Management

Accurate soil and crop monitoring

Work with satellite and drone imagery

My Agroplanning web

My Agroplanning

Know everything about your machinery, the health of your crop and soil in real time. One site, everywhere.

Features that save money

Agroplanning is modular
Choose the functionalities that really contribute to be more productive in your tasks


Fleet management

With the LinkerBox device and our online platform, you can know the location and status of your tractor, harvester or any other farm equipment in real time, from anywhere

Crop and soil monitoring

Better decisions by working with always up-to-date data on weather, plant and soil conditions of your farm

Interfaz Agroplanning

With the Agroplanning's LinkerNode soil monitoring system, get reliable information on temperature, humidity and soil conductivity and actual climate data for your working area

How does Agroplanning work?

Discover how we turn any agricultural vehicle into a smart vehicle.

Drones and satellites

Upload your NDVI maps or remote sensing imagery into Agroplanning and work with them to know the evolution of your crop and create your own data library

Upload your imagery and maps

Use Agroplanning to generate prescription maps and start building your own data library.

Campo sembrado

Compare yields, be productive

Analyze the temporal evolution of your crop to make better management decisions.

Companies that trust us

Large companies and institutions in the agricultural sector are already using our platform to manage their agricultural fleets or monitor their crops