About Agroplanning

Agroplanning is a solution designed to monitor, measure, and analyze the activity of your agricultural machinery.

Our goal is to help you digitize your operation, using your vehicle data to save fuel and maintenance costs, achieving more efficient fleet management and increased productivity.

Who are we at Agroplanning?

Specialists in precision agriculture.

With over 10 years of dedication and innovation, the Agroplanning team has excelled in researching and developing solutions for the precision agriculture and digital farming sectors.

Each member contributes deep expertise, working together to drive technological advancement in agriculture.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every solution we offer, backed by a decade of knowledge, with a real impact on management and optimization. Providing the sector with an innovative approach towards the future of agriculture.

Connected to the Field

Agroplanning represents a project created in close collaboration with professional farmers. Our team works hand in hand with the agricultural community to address real challenges in productivity, efficiency, and traceability in today’s agricultural market.

Driven by shared experience, this initiative focuses on delivering practical solutions that make a difference in how agriculture tackles contemporary challenges.

Our Presence in Europe

Agroplanning has solidified its presence in Europe as a benchmark for cutting-edge agricultural solutions. With strategically located offices and strong collaborations, we have established an innovation network spanning from the north to the south of the continent.

Our dedication to excellence and understanding the diverse agricultural needs in Europe has positioned us as reliable partners for farmers, contributing to sustainable development and efficiency in precision agriculture.


Our Presence in South America

Agroplanning has positioned itself as a leader in agricultural transformation in Latin America, with a prominent focus on the vibrant markets of Mexico, Peru, and Chile. We are committed to providing advanced solutions tailored to the specific needs of each region.

Our presence in these countries is based on close collaboration with local farmers, providing cutting-edge technology and specialized knowledge to enhance productivity and sustainability in precision agriculture.

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