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Empower your agriculture with our agricultural management platform andconnected machinery.. Optimize operations, monitor crops in real-time, and make decisions for exceptional agricultural performance.

My Agroplanning – Management Platform

Agroplanning Parcel Management

Improve the productivity of your plots

Optimize the productivity of your plots with My Agroplanning, the Management Platform that, along with our sensors, leverages technology to fully digitize your agricultural production processes from a single space. Discover specific features for analyzing data from vehicles, machinery, and operators.

Agroplanning improves connected machinery productivity
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Speed, RPM, and vehicle consumption. Soil temperature and humidity. Electrical conductivity.

Linkerbox connected machinery

User Management

Create and manage work teams. Assign tasks. Share data.


Real-time vehicle location. Historical routes and tasks query.

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Generate Reports

Analyze work times, maneuvers, transport, information per plot, etc.

Agroplanning CUE

Digital field notebook.(CUE)

Getting started with the Agroplanning Agricultural Field Notebook is very easy.

Register or import your plots from a spreadsheet, and your plots will appear magically drawn on the map.

My Agroplanning incorporates tools to import plots from files generated from PAC Aid requests from most Autonomous Communities.

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Allows selection between several agricultural farms, within the same Digital Field Notebook subscription.

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Facilitates the selection of geolocated plots on the map or alternatively grouped by crop or both crop and farm.

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Pesticide Uses

Incorporates pesticide filters by product and pest, with control of authorized doses and recalculation of the dose based on the quantity of product.

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Pesticide Prescription

Integrates Pesticide Prescription, allowing its reception and facilitating the acquisition of the product and the treatment record from it.

Agroplanning Fleet Management

Manage your agricultural fleet

Explore detailed performance of your connected machinery through My Agroplanning. Analyzes the route, travel duration, and power take-off activation time.

Agroplanning connected machinery fleet management
agp vision connected machinery


The Agroplanning cloud platform allows you to work intuitively.

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We offer you a modular solution capable of adapting its functionalities to the needs of your farm.


Our system protects the integrity of your data at all times so that you only have to worry about saving.

Agroplanning multiplatform data always at hand

My Agroplanning multiplatform

Your data always available

The design of Agroplanning adapts to any device, so you can know what is happening on your farm no matter where you are.

No matter which device you use, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone; My Agroplanning’s features are always available to you.

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