My Agroplanning

Our online solution gives you full access to real-time vehicle location, crop data, remote sensing information, and much more...

Agroplanning demo

Much more than
a fleet manager

My Agroplanning is your holistic, online platform for precision agriculture. Everything that happens in your farm, in a single place.


Vehicle position in real time. Historic routes, tasks and time management.


Speed, fuel consumption and RPMs. I/O vehicle customizable sensors. Soil information.

Electronic Field Reports

Analyzes working times, manoeuvres, transport, plot information, etc.

User management

Create and manage work teams. Assign tasks. Share sensor data.

Interfaz Agroplanning

Custom alerts for vehicles

Configure your own alerts and receive maintenance notifications (engine hours or mileage), Geofencing notifications (outcome from the geographic boundary of the plot), engine start on non-working hours, or loss of modem connection.

Interfaz Agroplanning Connect

Improving your farm productivity has never been easier

Know the work done by each machine in a specific period with our Automated Field Reports: the route it took, how long it was moving or the effective time with the PTO activated.

Know the state of your crop and land: NDVI maps, soil moisture, electrical conductivity...


My agroplanning's cloud platform allows you to work intuitively.


A modular solution capable of adapting its functionalities to the needs of your business.


Our system protects the integrity of your data so that you only have to take care of saving.

Agroplanning móvil

Your data,
always available

Adaptable design to any device, so you can know what happens in your vehicles wherever you are.

No matter what device you use, PC, tablet or smartphone; Agroplanning features are always available for you.