General issues

Agroplanning is a solution that combines online software and the use of monitoring devices to increase agricultural productivity by monitoring the work of your machinery, the situation of your crops and the soil condition of your plot.

Agroplanning is composed of a web application (Agroplanning Connect) that allows you to manage your plots and the information linked to them (outputs, soil analysis, crop analysis, etc.). It also incorporates an advanced vehicle manager that allows you to connect your tractors or agricultural machinery and visualize their position in real time or analyze the work they are doing.

Agroplanning also has two different monitoring devices that are responsible for collecting farm data: LinkerBox (for vehicles and machinery), and SensorBox (for soil and environmental data collection).

Agroplanning is designed to be used by different types of users. Farm managers, individual farmers, agricultural service companies, field technicians, machinery manufacturers, etc. can benefit from the solutions offered by Agroplanning.

Of course! You can create a demo user in MyAgroplanning for free and check the information of some test vehicles that we have created for you. In this way you can test the functionalities of Agroplanning and discover how we can help you to increase the productivity of your farm.

The Agroplanning service operates under a monthly subscription system. You can check the subscription types and their fees in the "Plans and Prices" section, where you will also find the cost of our LinkerBox and SensorBox monitoring devices.

There are different subscription plans designed for the needs of each type of exploitation. You will also find plans aimed at management teams or companies with several farms, these are the right ones if you need tools for group work and large surface management.

The LinkerBox and SensorBox devices are easy to install and require no special configuration. You can install them yourself or ask us about our assembly service.

Advanced fleet management

Agroplanning's agricultural vehicle management solution allows you to know in real time where your machines are and analyze the tasks performed. Agroplanning also incorporates tools that allow you to analyze the performance of vehicles, the quality of the work they do, help you in decision-making, facilitate office work, plan maintenance, etc...

Agroplanning offers the leading management system in the market, with an update frequency of 5 seconds, a real time connection with your fleet. Our solution for agricultural vehicle management is based on the combination of the MyAgroplanning web application and the LinkerBox monitoring device.

When you install LinkerBox in your vehicle, it will start taking data from its position - thanks to the built-in GPS - as well as from its status thanks to other sensors. This information is sent to your Agroplanning account thanks to the GPRS (mobile connection) that the device incorporates.

The Agroplanning system is designed to minimize information loss, ensuring optimum performance even in areas with very low mobile network coverage.

Yes. In the vehicle manager you will find tools to share your vehicle information with other users. These users will be able to view or edit features of your vehicles according to the level of access you have set.

Of course, yes. Totally. All your information is safe with us. Well organized and always accessible, the historical data of your plots are secure in your Agroplanning account. Automatic backups distributed to different servers protect your data from any hiccups. For more information about our data privacy policy, please refer to the conditions of our services.

a.) Agro Mode: All vehicles of any type, brand or model can be connected. All you need is a 12V power supply and you're done! You will have information about location, speeds, routes, productivity reports, working hours, distances, areas, etc.

b.) ISO Mode (beta): If your vehicle has an ISOBUS connection, you can also add extra value to the vehicle manager. Fuel consumption data, engine speed, pressures, temperatures, etc., will be added to the reports you generate or you can consult them in real time.

a.) Self-installing kit:
I. How to order it?
If you don't have an active account in Agroplanning you will have to create it, then complete the order form including your personal data, company details and payment method. Within four days (peninsula) you will receive your LinkerBox ready to install.

II. How to install it on the vehicle?
With the LinkerBox you will receive assembly instructions which can also be found here. All you need is a 12V power output, plug in the dual antenna (GPS + GPRS) and put it on the ceiling or a good signal reception part and you're done!

III. How to activate it on MyAgroplanning
To view the information in Agroplanning Connect, just create a vehicle and link it to the modem you have just installed. To do this, enter Agroplanning Connect, go to the vehicle manager and create a new vehicle. To link it, go to Settings/Devices/Activate Device.

In the documentation you have received with your modem you will find an IMEI number and a password that you will have to fill in to complete the activation.

b.) Installation service:
If you want that an specialized team takes care of the installation or you are thinking about installing an important number of vehicles contact us here and we will design an installation plan for you.

Farm management

The plot manager allows you to create a structure of farms and plots to suit your needs. This tool is very useful for agricultural management companies, as they can also organize farms by groups (e. g. of clients or by zones) and assign labels for easy afterwards location. The plot manager also allows you to see with which users you have shared your contents, you can also conveniently preview the content of the plots or works before opening them in the Map Viewer.

Yes! All the elements you create in the plot manager, that is, groups of farms, farms, plots or layers can be shared with other users within your circle and for as long as you choose. In addition, you will be able to give different types of permissions, only visualization or editing.... We believe in teamwork, and its one of the great advantages that Agroplanning gives to you.

Agroplanning is in continuous development to accept the maximum number of formats of spatial or geo-referenced information.

Our parcel manager accepts extended files such as . shp or . kml, recognizes information from major agricultural GPS equipment manufacturers such as Trimble® and Topcon® and can work with maps produced by John Deere, New Holland or Case IH agricultural vehicles, as well as allowing ISOBUS .xml (beta) compatible files to be imported.

Tools are also available to create your own maps easily and from the same application.

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