About us

Agroplanning is an agronomist solution for agronomists, designed to monitor, measure and analyze the activity of your agricultural machinery.

Our objective is to help you digitize your operations, using the data of your vehicles to reduce costs, achieving a more efficient fleet management and an increase in your productivity.

"Technology for productivity"

Specialists in precision agriculture

The Agroplanning team has been researching and developing solutions for precision agriculture for over 10 years.

Connected to the real field

Agroplanning has been developed in collaboration with professional farmers who are looking for real solutions to the challenges that agriculture faces in today's market.

Innovation from the very beginning

Agroplanning's founders include researchers and professors from the universities of Cordoba and Seville, specialized in precision farming systems and agricultural digitization.

Agroplanning team


In September 2017 Agroplanning was selected to participate in the Andalucía Open Future programme, an initiative to support entrepreneurship based on innovation promoted by the Regional Government of Andalusia and Telefónica.

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