Control the productivity of vehicles and implements

Maximize your vehicles performance
organizing tasks and improving processes.
CPVA local actual

Display current location,
detailed routes and history of tasks.

CPVA rutas vehiculos

Get reports by vehicle and field.
including: worked, maneuvers and transport time, task starting and ending, etc.

CPVA inform vehic parcela

Generate productivity reports
including: times, distances, surfaces, performance, etc.

CPVA inform product

Details of routes and vehicles
by farm or field.

CPVA activa sensores

Activate your own sensors:
speed, rpm, pressure, consumption of supplies and fuel*, etc.

CPVA comparte vehic

Share vehicles
with other users, customers or workers.

* Coming soon

Custom alarms

Configure and share the alarms you need for your vehicles.

engine hours or mileage.


Exit from the geographical limit or geofencing.

Pérdida de conexión

Loss of connection.

Arranque horas

Start out of planned hours.

Your farm is organized and updated

Visualiza y gestiona

View and manage your farm from where you are.


Edit the properties of farms and fields when you need it: owner, name, cadastre, productivity, legal surface, etc.

Dibuja o importa

Draw your farms and fields on the map, or import them from other applications. (shp, kml, etc.)


Plan tasks based on the weather forecast.

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